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    Minecraftdesign Submissions

    Post  MR_TRILBY on Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:50 am

    Welcome to the submissions page!

    Do you have a design that you think should be featured on our main site and forum or know of someone else that does?

    We are always looking for fresh ideas and designs to feature and if you have one that would fit right in then we would love to see it, just use the guide form to construct your submission, post it as a new topic in this forum and we will get around to looking at it.

    Just a few things to note:

    1) Don't steel other peoples ideas and post them as your own, its called fraud and there is a good chance that the real architect will spot it and report you. If you see a great design that is someone else's then say, you will still get credit for having such a keen eye for design!

    2) Follow the lay out of the submissions guide, that way we can review your work as quickly and effectively as possible. Any submissions that don't follow the guide in a basic manner will either be postponed or removed as an inconvenience.

    3) Be professional. Don't make your submission rough or scrappy, put some effort into it. We don't expect masterpieces, we are only human after all, but the use of spell check and correct English/grammar is a great way to boost your chances of being accepted.

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