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    Submissions Form


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    Submissions Form

    Post  MR_TRILBY on Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:58 am

    NOTE:Please follow this guide when making submissions to the forum, any submissions that do not follow the guide to a basic extent will be delayed in response or removed altogether.

    Submissions form

    Name: (( The name of the designer ))

    Design name: (( The name of the design ))

    Design purpose/use (( What your design does, a home, decoration, furniture ETC ))

    Mods used: (( Any mods that were used in the design. State 'N/A' if none ))

    Resources used: (( A list of all resources used in your build ))

    Description of the design: (( Use this space to write as much about your design as possible, we wont ask you to write out a whole guide yet, if your design is accepted then you will be contacted further ))

    Other information: (( If you have anything else to put ))


    Your submission will be judged by a selection of moderators or architects and you will be contacted as soon as a decision has been made, if we have not contacted you within several days then please contact a moderator and request an update.

    After your design has been accepted then we will request a more in depth guide and it will be featured on the Minecraftdesign Wiki site and also our Featured Designs section of the forum.

    Accepted designers will be promoted to Architect ranking, giving them a say in further designs and projects and their opinions and decisions will become a decisive part of the community.

    If you have any further concerns or query's then please feel free to contact a moderator.

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