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    How To Appeal


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    How To Appeal

    Post  MR_TRILBY on Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:18 am

    If you have been issued with a warning or a ban it is possible to appeal and have them revoked. Any member of the moderator team can remove a warning however bans must be reinstated by admin ranked users.

    A warning report will have been issued by the moderator that placed the warning on you, look in the 'Reports' section of this board for that report.

    How to appeal

    To appeal your warning, post a topic here having the name of the topic: '<USERNAME>'s appeal'

    To appeal successfully please follow this form, any appeals that do not follow this basic guide will be removed.


    Date warning was issued:(The date issued on your report)

    Reason warning was issued: (The reason warning was issued as stated on your report)

    Why your warning should be revoked: (State why you believe your warning should be revoked, (appologies go along way))

    A moderator will review your appeal and get back to you.

    To appeal a ban, a personal message must be sent to an administrator following the same form as in the warning appeal.

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