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    Ranking List

    Post  MR_TRILBY on Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:31 am

    There are several ranks available on the Minecraftdesign Forum each with increasing power and recognition. Each rank is earned and in turn a reward for hard work and commitment, however all ranks can also be withdrawn if the reason arises so respect the promotion, don't take it for granted. Ranks are recognisable by a title and number of stars next to a users name.

    Rank 1: Member, 0* awarded for registering to the forum

    Rank 2: Designer, 1* Must be applied for in the 'Designer application' section of the forum - shows commitment

    Rank 3: Architect, 2* Awarded after successfully submitting a design to be featured - Will be allowed to vote on the way the forum is run, new ideas and will be asked to judge other submissions.

    Rank 4: Moderator, 4* Awarded to a trusted and committed member - gives full moderator powers, allows decision making, special posting, warning and banning rights and full power only to the Admins. Moderators will be in charge of their own subject forums.

    Rank 5: Administrator, 5* The highest rank, awarded to a very select few, they have full control over the forum, their say always goes.

    If you are unsure of who to contact regarding advice, tips, another member ETC then here is a list of promoted members and what to contact them for:

    MR_TRILBY- Head Administrator and Founder

    Kassarock- Second in Administration

    MrsMidge- Technical support Moderator

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